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Cruller doughnuts


I wonder why it’s taken me so long to try making doughnuts myself.I thought they are very hard to make, I’m not lazy or anything, well… Anyway I decided to make my own doughnuts and to French things up a little bit, I tried crullers. It’s really light, air like doughnuts from France and are really fun to make.



Fun to make it is. You just have to perfect the pâte à choux and the rest is amateur stuff. I say amateur cause I know I am one and if I can make it so can you!




There are few very important steps to follow to perfect the pâte à choux  and they are not really that hard to do. With this as a base, we can make profiteroles(cream puffs), croquembouches, éclairs and lighter than air chouquette..



When I visited Paris, all I ate for breakfast was chouquette, everyday. They are the lightest pastries you can find. Their slightly harder outside is coated with pearl sugar crystals and the inside is just airy goodness. These crullers are just the same. In fact these are fried version of chouquettes.You can easily eat 20 of them at once with no problem. They are just that good.They are so airy and light, you wouldn’t know how many you have eaten!!




First you make the pâte à choux with precision and patience and then pipe them down in baking papers and fry them.It is that easy. Here are the key points to making a perfect pâte à choux..

1. Measure all your ingredients in grams and litres

2. Do not let the water boil too much. You may end up having really dry choux dough.

3. Add eggs one by one so you can get the perfect texture of the choux pastry.You want the dough to fall off the spatula in a clump in ribbons as it falls.

4. Let the doughnuts fully fry. They tend to deflate if not fully cooked and get soggy.

Crullers- French Doughnuts


Water – 250 ml
Butter – 100 grams (cut in cubes and in room temp)
Flour – 135 grams (sifted)
Sugar – 10 grams
Salt – 1/4 of teaspoon
Eggs – 3 to 4 (depending on the size and in room temp.)
Vegetable oil – To fry

Chocolate glaze:

Butter (unsalted) – 1/2 cup
Semi-sweet chocolate – 1 cup


1. Add butter, water, sugar and salt in a saucepan. Let the butter melt and the water start to boil in low-medium heat.The butter has to melt before the water starts boiling so keep the butter in room temp and in little cubes. If not, you can just melt butter in microwave before adding it in saucepan.

2. Once the water starts boiling, take it off the heat (5-10 seconds after it has started boiling), add the flour all at once and start mixing it. Make sure there are no lumps. Put the pan back on stove and start mixing. Keep mixing, flatten and squeeze the dough using your spoon or spatula so that there are no lumps. The dough is done when it comes together into a ball and if you touch the dough, it won’t stick to your fingers. It takes about 1 to 2 minutes in low-medium heat.

3. Transfer the dough in to a bowl, and keep mixing it so you let it cool or you can just let it sit for 5 mins to cool. I suggest you to try your first time by hand and once you are familiar with the texture you can start using your electric mixer. Add your eggs one by one and mix. Don’t worry if the dough looks curdled. That’s how it is supposed to look.

4. The dough is perfect when it falls off the spatula in a lump, I had to add 3 eggs and one white of egg. Transfer the dough into a piping bag.

5. Butter your baking papers. I find it easier to just dab the paper on to a stick of butter. Pipe down the batter into rings.

6. In a heavy bottomed saucepan, add oil two inches deep and let it heat up to 370°F(medium heat).Use your candy thermometer if you have one, rest of us, what’s life without little adventures in the kitchen?

7. Once oil is hot, drop the dough in it. Mine were pretty adamant in letting the baking paper go. I just let the paper sit in the oil and gently peeled it off using tongs. Don’t be a daredevil and use your fingers, hot oil is no fun..

8. Let it get golden and fried completely. Flip them so that they cook evenly it take about five mins. They can double in size so do not crowd the pan. Instead of making classic shapes, I also made them in rustic little balls. Add your own personal touch. Mix things up, have fun!

9. While the doughnuts cool down, make your chocolate glaze by melting butter and semi-sweet chocolate in a double boiler over stove top or in microwave with 30 seconds bursts.

10. Dip the doughnuts in glaze and let them rest for a while. They can last up to a week in your refrigerators. Enjoy!


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Chocolate blackberry Pudding Cake


To be honest, I don’t think that there’s ever enough chocolate. There just never seems to be enough of good things..For me, Chocolate is THE ultimate comfort food and a must have in the kitchen..I don’t remember ever not needing a bar of chocolate..not a piece but a bar..May be that’s why there’s isn’t enough chocolate…





My love affair with chocolate is never ending and I hope it never does, so it’s only fair that my first post is about chocolate… This chocolate blackberry pudding cake is kinda like a big sister to chocolate lava cake and by that I mean, I make this cake when I have a party at my home, with more people than I have ramekins in the kitchen ‘been there’ you say? This cake is the perfect solution..





Ask me how this ‘Pudding cake is any similar to chocolate lava cake (or molten lava cake if you wanna call it that..) and I’ll tell you.., It is warm, gooey and this is the best part- you can make the batter ahead of time and it hardly takes 10-15 mins to prep it.. and even less if you melt the chocolate in microwave the lava cake..BOOM!






I’ve used fresh blackberries in this recipe, you can use raspberries instead, if you prefer. You can also add frozen berries if you can’t find fresh ones….summer is almost here and we have fresh berries in stores….






Like Sarah from says, Blackberries add so much intensity to the flavor of chocolate and this cake. Its citric and sweetness along with silky, buttery melted chocolate is a great combo.. I like to add enough berries so that with each spoon you can get a berry..(pikaboo..) and oh, it’s just perfect with a dollop of crème fraiche…






Melt chocolate and butter, and mix it up with rest of the ingredients. Let it bake for 20 minutes and that is all the work you need to do. The chocolate and berries take care of the rest.

Patience is not my best virtue… I just could not wait.. I ate my scoop in the kitchen, standing next to the cake as it was cooling down..It was warm, gooey chocolate dripping out of the spoon as I scooped some out of the bowl. I ignored that rouge piece that would rather stay on my shirt and just licked the spoon full of chocolaty goodness..






The recipe given below serves 6 people. You can double the amount if you have more people coming over. Honestly, you can make this just for yourself and your partner. It can last for up to a week in refrigerator although it never saw the third daylight with us..





Chocolate blackberry Pudding Cake       (Serves 6)


  • Butter – 150 grams
  • Chocolate – 150 grams
  • Sugar – 225 grams
  • Eggs – 3(free range)
  • Flour – 50 grams
  • Fresh blackberries – 1 cup


  1. Preheat the oven to 200C or 400F.
  2. Butter a baking dish, I used a 26cm (10 inchs) rectangular deep baking dish.
  3. Boil some water on the stove and place a glass bowl on top of the dish, and melt the butter and chocolate together or you can melt them in microwave in 30 second bursts, stirring frequently.
  4. Once the butter and chocolate is melted and cooled, add sugar, flour and eggs mix well
  5. Transfer this mix into the baking dish, add blackberries
  6. Place the dish in oven and let it bake for 20 mins.
  7. To know if the cake is done, shake the dish slightly, cake will wobble in middle and will be firm on the sides.
  8. Let it cool a bit and serve.
  9. It pairs well with some crème fraiche or some sour cream!!


If there are any leftovers (doubt it), you can store it in refrigerator, just warm it up in microwave when you want to eat it again! Enjoy!


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