For the past few days, I have been dreaming about chickens. Not the ones we make curries and roast with but the live and cackling ones. Chickens that would let me eat fresh eggs for breakfast. Oh! the dream!! Growing up, I’ve had quiet an array of pets. We had a hare that has terrorized me for life,chased me around our backyard every day! he would chase me around and around the trees, break flower pots eat and sleep rest of the time. He had furry skin with shades of brown and loved to eat cabbages. Sadly he did not like to be my pet, so my dad took him back to the woods and let him loose. And then there was a parrot with a broken wing, he loved to eat chilies and weirdly Cadbury’s milk chocolate.He had this weird obsession for one of my mom’s aluminium tub and eventually claimed it as his own.He flew away once his wings got better.Then there were Pea-chicks, orphaned by their mother, they came to our home when they were so tiny, maybe just few days old. They look nothing like peacock’s and every morning they ran around the room, cackling, they were so excited to see the morning sun.I can still see them sitting in the sun rays, there was a small gap in our window through which the sun would escape into the room, the chicks sat next to each other, soaking up the sun, theirs eyes half closed, eventually they fall asleep.The list goes onto a few baby squirrels that we fed milk using ink fillers, temporarily adopting bulbul chicks, we would climb up to their nest and feed them dead ants when its parents weren’t around.

Out of all these, my favorite were the chicken coop we had.Every morning, grand mother would let them out of their coops. Before I got ready for the school, I would spend time with the old girl and her chickens.The first thing i would do after the chickens were out was to check for the eggs on the hay they were sitting and hand them over to my grand mother and then we watched as they dug up the ground with their beaks, swept off the dirt with their feet. We then fed them grains and rice and watched them peck away. Thus started few of my days back then.

No wonder I dream about growing chickens on my backyard, little chickens running to peck the grains off the ground.Big red roasters crowing early at dawn and of course the eggs. Egg yolks as bright as the morning sun and sometimes surprise you with double yolks. Dreams are good, they keep us alive and look forward for tomorrow even if it is about chickens. On that note, enjoy this Mushrooms and poached egg open sandwich for your next breakfast

Mushrooms and poached eggs open sandwich Mushrooms and poached eggs open sandwich


Mushrooms and poached eggs open sandwich


Mushroom – 1/2 cup, roughly chopped
Egg – 1
Bread – 1 slice
Olive oil – 1 tablespoon
Butter – 1 tablespoon
Salt – To taste
Pepper – To season

How to:

In a sauce pan, add some water and let it come to a boil. Once the water starts boiling, crack open an egg and add it the water without breaking the yolk. If you open the egg close to water and drop it gently, it will not break.

Meanwhile, in a pan add chopped mushrooms,olive oil and some salt and saute the mushrooms just until they start discoloring.For about two minutes on high heat.

Get the mushrooms off the pan and add butter, as the butter starts melting, lay in the bread slice. I have used a slice from a loaf of spelt flour bread, you can use any bread of your choice.Make sure you have coated all of the bread surface with the butter and let it toast for about a minute or so.

Get the toast off the pan and on to a plate, add the warm mushrooms and some shaved Gruyere cheese and then place the poached eggs on top and enjoy.

I like my yolks runny so I poached it for 4 minutes. Poach it longer if you like a firm yolk.If you like melted cheese on top, when the bread is getting toasted, after about a minute in the pan, place the mushrooms and the cheese on top of the slice. The heat from the pan and the bread will melt the cheese, place the poached egg once the bread is on the plate. Season with salt and pepper and Enjoy!

.Mushrooms and poached eggs open sandwich



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